Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea

Sasha’s story started on a whim. Just a spark, an idea for a story, and I started writing.

As the story unfolded, characters were born and experiences were shared among the characters and before I knew it I was hooked. I had to write the next chapter to find out what happened next.

As a blogger, I shared the journal entries as posts, just for fun. Since I was in the process of creating each new chapter, I decided to post the story as a blog serial. The “chapters” are really almost blog posts. Some seem too long for a post, and some seem too short for a chapter in a book.

After finishing the “first book”, Homestead, the characters continued to call to me from the wilds of the Siberian Arctic. They were frozen in time (no pun intended). They, too, needed to know what happens next.

I hadn’t intended to continue, but the story would not be subdued, and so I’ve started the “second book”, Lodge. I guess that makes it a series of some kind.

Lastly, it seems prudent for me to tell you I am following no “rules” of fiction-writing. I’m letting the story roll out of my imagination, unbounded by things like consistency or reality. These are raw writings, and you’re likely to encounter errors in grammar, maybe punctuation, too. A good editor would clean all that up, so remember, these would really be considered “drafts”.

Relax. Suspend your disbelief, and join me high above the Arctic Circle as we share lives of adventure and wonder with our characters. Don’t forget a hat. It gets pretty cold in Siberia in the winter.

Clear trails!


S. R. O’Connor

Sharon Springs, New York

May 2018